1) You must hit SUBMIT or your application will not be considered. This is a common error with applications. There is an option to save throughout the application process; however, when your application is complete, you must submit to be considered.

2) Most of the essays are very short (300 words or less) so don't rule out a scholarship simply because it requires an essay.

3) You must submit a FAFSA EFC to be eligible for awards with a need component. 

The Application Process

The application process is easy, particularly if you take time to read the notes below, review the application Helpful Hints accessed from the bottom of this page prior to starting the application, and if you start early.

Who Is Eligible? 

All graduating LSRHS seniors who have secured placement at 2-year or 4-year colleges and universities, or vocational programs, are eligible.  

Are There Need and Non-Need Based Scholarships? 

Many scholarships are available that consider a wide range of factors, including academic performance, student participation in athletics, clubs, the arts, volunteering and a selected field of study. A portion of our scholarships consider financial need and require that the FAFSA-EFC figure be submitted. Look on our About Us page under Current Scholarships. Note that some scholarships listed have an *  indicating that FAFSA figures are required to be eligible for that award. 

How Do I Apply?

LSSF's partnership with Scholarship America allows us to provide an application process that is simple, straightforward, and paperless.  Where applicable, the newly implemented process allows students to upload artwork pieces, essays and other information to help aid the selection committee in its decision process. See "Click to Login" button located on the bottom of this page to get started.  The process utilizes a portal for students to not only apply for LSSF Dollars for Scholars scholarships, but also to learn about national scholarships they may be eligible for.  

When Do I Apply?

The application process runs from February 1 through March 31.  Notices are emailed out to graduating seniors and parents, and on our website.

Once the LSSF Dollars for Scholars application process begins on February 1, students can apply for scholarships that interest them. Before students begin the application process, LSSF encourages them to refer to the Helpful Hints page accessed via the link below.  Once you complete your input, the system tells you which awards you qualify for.

The most important thing to remember when completing the LSSF application is to hit the Submit button for each and every LSSF scholarship you complete within the application.  You can even complete and submit one scholarship at a time on different days. However, once you Submit you cannot retrieve that piece of your application.  If for some reason a student should forget to hit the Submit button, their scholarship will not be considered and LSSF Dollars for Scholars will assume that their college plans or needs have changed.  If a student is having trouble with any part of the application process please e-mail our office  up to 48 hours before midnight of the final application day.

How Will I Know If A Scholarship Has Been Awarded To Me? 

Scholarship applications are reviewed during the month of April. Once recipients have been selected, they will be sent an invitation mid-May to attend our LSSF Dollars for Scholars scholarship ceremony. Disclosure of specific awards will not be announced until the award ceremony.

What is the Recipient Responsibility Following the Ceremony? 

Immediately following the ceremony recipients should follow the instructions enclosed in the packet they receive that night.  They must log on to the system to acknowledge receipt and ask for their check to be released. Recipients will not receive checks that evening.  Students are required to accept their scholarship on line by June 15.  If for some reason a student's college plans have changed since their application was filed or if you are unable to accept by that date, please notify us via email at

LSSF is aware that this is a very busy and exciting time for graduates. However, we strongly encourage recipients to take the few minutes required to electronically confirm receipt of their scholarship as soon as possible.  As always, contact us if you have questions or need help.

Should I Send A Thank You?

Absolutely, it is expected of the recipient to send a thank you to the scholarship donor. Our scholarships are made available by many organizations and families who created these awards to acknowledge LSRHS students, their accomplishments, encourage their continued success and celebrate the memory of loved ones. Student's words of thanks are a token of appreciation that donors value and appreciate greatly. Instructions for thank you notes will be emailed to the awardees after the ceremony.