• Items with two stars (**) are required. One star (*) means suggested, items with no stars are at your discretion.

  • When requesting your transcript note "LSSF Representative" and include this information: Do not put "registrar" or your counselor, as that will cause unnecessary email reminders.

  • Financial information is NOT required. However, you will not be considered for awards with a financial component if you have not submitted this information. The only financial data needed is your FAFSA Expected Family Contribution.

  • Some awards have intended college major as a factor. List one (or more) as part of your application. If you're not sure, select the area(s) you will most likely pursue.

  • You probably won't complete all information (since not all items are required), so your application will not show 100% complete. That's OK! You will still qualify for scholarships.

  • We recommend 200-300 words for "Goals and Aspirations" and "Unusual Circumstances" essays, but there is no strict word minimum or maximum requirement. "Unusual Circumstances" is not required.

  • Recommendations are NOT required for LS scholarships. If you happen to get a system generated email reminder please ignore it.

  • If you wish to apply for scholarships other than LSSF, ask your counselor for recommendations.

  • Note that the LSSF awarding process is "blind," meaning all applicants are assigned a number, which is used to

    identify them throughout the process.


  • The system determines which awards you are eligible for based on the information you input. Criteria include GPA, sports, intended college major, activities, etc. and some custom questions.

  • Some awards require an upload. A few require writing samples or a longer essay. Do NOT try to type these in, upload a PDF instead. Art or music samples may also be requested.

  • You must hit SUBMIT for each award you wish to apply for. Your application for each eligible award is NOT automatically submitted.


  • The application process opens February 1 and closes April 20.

  • If you are selected for an award, you will receive an invitation in mid-May to attend a ceremony at LS where you will

    learn which scholarship(s) you've been awarded.

  • Atkinson recipients are not eligible for LSSF awards. You can submit applications while you're waiting to hear about Atkinson; if you are selected, congratulations! Your LSSF applications will be removed so we can recognize other seniors.

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