Congratulations on your award!  Here is some helpful information now that you have received a scholarship award.

Recipients will receive a packet containing a brief description of the award and how the scholarship was made available to them.  It will also include contact information of the donor. We encourage our recipients to send a note of thanks to the donor who made their scholarship possible.

The packet will also contain instructions on how to accept the scholarship through the application web site.  The recipient should accept the scholarship by June 15th.  Once the scholarship has been accepted, a check will be processed to the college or university the student will be attending and will then be sent directly to the student in mid-June.  It is the student's responsibility to forward his/her check to their college or university's financial department for processing.

 If a student misplaces a check, they must then send a $28.00 check with a request to stop payment of the lost check. Once the lost check request has been received by us, a new check will distributed per the above distribution procedures. 




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