About Us

Lincoln-Sudbury Scholarship Fund Dollars for Scholars® (LSSF) is a registered 501(c)(3) that through the generosity of community members has recognized the youth in our backyard for 48 years. Last June, LSSF distributed 80 scholarships to LSRHS graduating seniors to acknowledge achievements and encourage their future success as they moved on to college. In addition to academic achievement, scholarships were also awarded recognizing student participation in athletics, clubs, the arts, and volunteering, all of which took place in our community.

Our History

Lincoln-Sudbury Scholarship Fund Dollars for Scholars® was founded in 1976 at the urging of former Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School business manager Lily T. Spooner. Since Lily's idea was put into action, over $4 million has been awarded to help LSRHS graduates.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Lincoln-Sudbury Scholarship Fund Dollars for Scholars® is to acknowledge student accomplishments and encourage their future success through scholarships. LSSF offers both merit and need based scholarships.

LSSF manages endowments which have been established in memory of the donors' loved ones and community contributors. Additionally, LSSF offers an array of annual scholarships made available through individuals, businesses, and organizations within our community.