2018 Scholarships - Something For Everyone

LSSF Dollars for Scholars is proud to offer an array of scholarships that cover a spectrum of areas including sports, academics, theatre, art and community service. Below is a breakdown of our 2018 offerings with abbreviated criteria descriptions. Some of these scholarships also require short essays, responses or uploads. 

Note that * following the scholarship name indicates that FAFSA EFC figures are required in the application process.  You will not be considered for these awards without this information.  In addition, Atkinson Scholarship winners will not be eligible to receive LSSF awards.


The following scholarships take a broad array of criteria, such as GPA, breadth of sports, work and extra-curricular activity, and/or essays into consideration.   

Scholarship Additional Requirements
Friends of Matthew Bardsley Memorial*   
Christo's Driving School* Minimum 2.3 GPA
Malcolm L. and Eleanor L. Donaldson Memorial* Minimum 2.3 GPA
George H. Fernald, Jr. Memorial* Minimum 2.3 GPA
Lincoln Police Benevolent Association* Open to Lincoln residents only, minimum 2.0 GPA
LSSF Scholarships* (multiple) Minimum 2.3 GPA
Friends of Melissa Ann Marshall Memorial Minimum 2.3 GPA; female students only
Lily T. Spooner Memorial* Minimum 2.3 GPA
Paul J. Vernon Memorial* Minimum 2.3 GPA



Participation in sports is a criteria for the following scholarships.  

Scholarship  Sport                  Additional Requirements         
Paul & Sarah Hill Memorial* Any 1 male & 1 female athlete
Nancy Lewis Softball Softball 2 awards; minimum 3.0 GPA; must have played at least 3 years in Sudbury Girls Softball League
Edward J. McCarthy Memorial Any Female athlete; minimum 3.5 GPA
Scott F. Milley Memorial Ice Hockey, Rugby 1 male & 1 female athlete
Corporal Andrew Graham Narcus Memorial* Any  
Henry Phelan Honorary Girls XC/Track and Field XC/Track Minimum 4 seasons or more on the LS Girls XC/Track and Field team
Sudbury Swim Team Swim Team Applicants have been members of the Sudbury Swim Team and have been  competitors on an LS or club swim team
John K. Wirzburger Memorial Football Male athlete


Activity or Member Based

Being a part of a particular organization or involvement in a particular activity is a criteria for the following scholarships.   

Scholarship Activity/Membership  Additional Requirements 
Club Z Home Tutoring* Peer tutoring Also includes pursuit of career in education
 Sheryl Dakss Memorial*  Community service Minimum 3.5 GPA
Don and Nancy Jones Family* Community Service  
John S. MacKinnon Jr* Must have attended the Loring School for 2+ years  
Henry Morgan Community Service Community service Open to METCO Only
Sudbury Extended Day Former SED participant Must have attended SED for 4+ years; minimum 3.2 GPA
MLK Action Project/Hilary Shedd Social Justice* Participant in MLK Action Projects  
John E. Taft Club/activity leader Minimum 3.0 GPA


The Arts

Participation, skill, or college pursuit in various areas of the Arts is a criteria for the following scholarships.  

Scholarship    Art Form         Additional Requirements
Ruth R. Corkin Memorial* Art Must be pursuing a major or minor in an art related field of study
Ruth R. Corkin Memorial* Music or Theatre Must be pursuing a major or minor in a music related field of study
Michael David Hamill Jr. Memorial* Music, Art or Theatre  
Virginia K. Kirshner Memorial*   Must be pursuing Education or Performing Arts
Sudbury Art Association                                        Art, Dance, Film, Music or Theatre                         Must be pursuing a degree in college/university in related arts fields




Academic Excellence

A demonstrated high level of academic competency is a criteria for the following scholarships.  

Scholarship    Subject          Additional Requirements
Bramwell B. Arnold Science Award Science 3.5 years in leveled core science  classes with an A- or better
Frank Heys Memorial Scholarship All Minimum 3.8 GPA
Huffman Family Memorial Math/Science A- or better in at least 4 accelerated science or math classes; pursuing science or math major
Lincoln-Sudbury METCO Parents Organization Merit Highest GPA in the METCO program METCO students only
Karen Fritche French French Level 5 students with high GPA in French  
John R. Kirshner History Essay Prize History Essay required; B+ minimum average in junior and senior history classes
Dr. William T. Maloney Science Scholarship Math/Science A- or better in at least 4 accelerated science or math classes; pursuing science or math major
Steven Richard Excel   EXCEL students only, essay required


College Pursuit

A pursuit of a particular college degree is a criteria for the following scholarships.

Scholarship   Academic  Pursuit  Additional Requirements
Alan Greenberg Journalism   Journalism, communications, broadcasting Upload sample of photographic or written work
Ravi Shankar Hoskere Memorial Medicine and engineering Participation in sports
The Brett Kachura Memorial Fund Business Participated in the Skills Program for a minimum of 2 years
Joanne Kogan Memorial* Education, psychology, speech & hearing, social work Minimum 3.0 GPA
Lincoln Firefighters Future 1st Responders Criminal justice, fire science Also includes enrollment in EMT or paramedic course
1st Lt. Scott F. Milley Army Ranger* Career in service including nursing, social work, psychology, military, public service, health and medicine  
Ambika Ramachandra Foundation Journalism, communications Female, GPA and sports considered
 Steven Edward Richard Memorial Journalism, psychology, writing  
Shari Lynn Roth Memorial Agriculture, biology, chemistry, environmental studies or horticulture  
Ed Schiller Memorial* Criminal justice, law enforcement  
Sudbury Pharmacy* Pharmacy, medicine, health science  
Technology and Engineering Merit Scholarship Engineering or Technology Related Must be pursuing college degree in Engineering or Engineering Technologies; Minimum GPA 2.8
Robert Wentworth Memorial Scholarship*                                    Education                                                                                                                                                                



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