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Annual scholarships are a one way to honor a loved one, teacher or special person in your life. LSSF is thankful for the efforts of family, friends and community members who make these Annuals possible. Each spring, the list of annual and endowed offerings available for graduating seniors is posted on our website in the About Us section under Scholarships.  Henry Phelan with recipient Katherine Malone 2016

  1. To establish an annual scholarship, LSSF Dollars for Scholars requires a minimum contribution of $1,000 per year and commitment of 3-5 years.
  2. Representatives of LSSF work with the donor to establish eligibility criteria for the scholarship (examples of current criteria include interest in music, participation in sports or community service, or a specific major in college). Due to IRS regulations, donors are not allowed to be participants in the selection process. Established and clear criteria will serve as the donor's voice at the committee's selection table.
  3. Annuals can use the standard LSSF Dollars for Scholars criteria for selecting a recipient from the pool of candidates (40% financial need, 40% academic achievement, 20% participation in sports, extracurricular activities and work experience) or they can create their own.  Awards can be either need-based or non-need based.


 Annual commitments must be made by January 1st through written correspondence to our Board. Payments for that year's scholarship are due no later than April 1st of that given year. 



To discuss establishing an annual scholarship with LSSF Dollars for Scholars, please contact our office at: