New 2020 LSSF Scholarship

The LSSF Board is pleased to announce that we have a new scholarship offering that will be available to LSRHS students during the February 1 through March 31 application process!


Christopher Manente Memorial Scholarship


The Christopher Manente Memorial Scholarship is an endowed scholarship, awarded annually to a hardworking LSRHS student who excels in academics, pursues a passion in music, and embodies the qualities of leadership and service to others that made Christopher a respected member of the LS community. 


This scholarship was established by family and friends in loving memory of Christopher Manente, a 2019 LSRHS graduate who passed away unexpectedly from a rare and undiagnosed heart condition two weeks before his high school graduation. Chris was kind-hearted, witty and intelligent, a skilled bass guitarist, and gifted in mathematics and science. Chris loved to play jazz, and his proudest moment was winning the LS Music Louis Armstrong award for Jazz musicianship. Chris loved to debate, but enjoyed mentoring others even more, serving as debate captain and trusted colleague to the debate team. He had a deep appreciation of nature and was a proud Eagle Scout. Chris was always thinking of others and built several ADA compatible benches for visitors of the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge hiking trails to ensure guests of all abilities could enjoy the outdoors. Most of all, Chris was a devoted friend, never missing an opportunity to lift the spirits of all he encountered with a joke, a story, or a smile. 


Chris planned to study nanotechnology and biomedical engineering in order to develop medical solutions that would help others. It is the hope of Christopher's family that the recipient of this scholarship will continue in his footsteps, using their time and talents to make the world a better place.


Applications for the scholarships provided through LSSF are accepted from February 1 to March 31.  For more detailed information, visit the "Students & Parents" section of the website.  Please also take a moment to read some the stories behind our endowments under the "About Us" section labeled "Our Stories; Endowments".  



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