Two New 2018 LSSF Scholarships

The LSSF Board is pleased to announce that we have two new scholarships offerings that will be available to LSRHS students during the March 1 through April 2 application process!

Welcome the Dr. William T. Maloney Science Scholarship and The Brett Kachura Memorial Scholarship!



The Dr. William T. Maloney Science Scholarship is an endowment established in memory of the LS School Committee Member (1969 to 1976) and longtime defender of LS's academic excellence for which he was recognized in 1997.   Dr. Maloney was a pioneer in numerous technologies now in daily use: holography, optical signal processing and memories, fingerprint recognition, digital magnetic recording, and electronic photography and printing. He was eclectic in interests: an avid hiker in the White Mountains, an energetic amateur genealogist and linguist, a lover of ancient history, and a respectable ragtime pianist. The recipient of this scholarship exemplifies Dr. Maloney's qualities: a commitment to academic excellence in the sciences, civic responsibility, and a wide ranging intellectual curiosity. Applicants are asked to describe how they demonstrated these qualities during their years at LS and their aspirations in the sciences. 


The Brett Kachura Memorial Fund Scholarship has been established by the Kachura-Pontz Family, with the support of family, friends and the Sudbury Community, in memory of Brett Michael Donald Kachura, known by many as "Tex." Brett touched a countless number of lives both here in Sudbury and also in Texas where he was from, and is missed by so many!

Brett chose to share his light with anyone who was open and willing to enjoy the simple things in life. Brett taught those around him laughter - it doesn't cost anything. Anyone can laugh for as long as they're open to it - open to the silly, the trivial, the seemingly mundane. Brett gave love freely and openly to anyone willing to be his friend, and he loved unconditionally, both family and friends. He loved everyone even as they faltered, disappointed, nagged.

At LS, Brett was part of the Skills program, and supported him with his severe Dyslexia and ADHD. Without the Special Education Department and all that LSRHS has to offer, he would not have been as successful as he was. Brett's family will always be grateful to the Administration, Advocates, Special Education Department, Teachers, Nurses and everyone who works tirelessly with the students at LSRHS to make sure that they are prepared for the real world, college, a career and their future.

Brett's plans after high school were to attend the University of Texas in Austin and get a Business Degree and Major in Finance. This scholarship offering is made available to a LSRHS graduating senior, who like Brett, participated in the Skills program, for at least two years and plans to pursue a Business Degree. 



Applications for the scholarships provided through LSSF are accepted from March 1, 2018 through April 2, 2018.  For more detailed information, visit the "Students & Parents" section of the website.  Please also take a moment to read some the stories behind our endowments under the "About Us" section labeled "Our Stories; Endowments".  



 Creating a Legacy and Ensuring a Future