Post graduation, LSSF Dollars for Scholars continues to communicate with its recipients. Students write often to thank LSSF Dollars for Scholars and reinforce their appreciation for the scholarships and support that LSSF Dollars for Scholars and the community has given them.

"Not only did this scholarship help me financially, but it gave me motivation to do well in college and into my future."                                              

Andrew Bower   Class of 2004

"Thanks for the help and support of all the generous donors who have helped students like me have the amazing opportunity college offers."          

Tyler McCarthy   Class of 2012

"The scholarship has helped me immensely to have this unique experience."

Madeline Edwards   Class of 2011

"Thanks to your confidence in me and your generosity, you have helped make my dreams possible."

Cassandra Chislom   Class of 2013  

"I really appreciate the acknowledgement of all the hard work I have put in throughout my high school career."

Sophie James   Class of 2014

"Education has always been an important part of my life and LSSF has helped me go to the next level."

Joshua Kerber   Class of 2014

"I will use your generous gift to continue to expand my horizons and  self-knowledge with new experiences and challenges."

Helen Montie   Class of 2014

"I felt thrilled to be recognized for such a prestigious honor and I am grateful for your support."

John Veneziano   Class of 2014


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